Working with Parents/Carers

Parent/carer communication is easy to get right, painful when you get it wrong and downright disastrous if it goes really wrong. It’s sometimes easy to forget that when we speak to parents, or communicate via other means, that the person on the other end of the line is also a living, breathing human with their... Continue Reading →

Why food matters..

I went to school in an area of very high deprivation that I later returned to as a member of staff(twice!). Growing up I didn’t particularly notice the disadvantage around me – I knew it was a rough area and for a lot of people the deprivation was evident but I was young and didn’t... Continue Reading →

Bloody Pastoral Staff

Pastoral Care vs Teaching and Learning What is more important – excellent pastoral care or excellent teaching and learning? We all know there isn’t a simple answer to that question and trying to find one would have you run around in circles in the vein of the chicken and the egg. What is the core... Continue Reading →

Breaking into Pastoral Care – Part 2

This is the second in a two-part mini-series centred around breaking into pastoral care roles. The focus of this post is on the application process and the interview day(s)/questions/tasks. To see the previous post click here. The Application It's tough to write about the application process largely due to the fact most schools use different... Continue Reading →

Breaking into Pastoral Care

So you wanna be pastoral? Pastoral Care, writing about it at least, is sometimes absent from the world of education-based social media. There is a real lack of people writing for Heads of Year/House, and other pastoral positions, about the practicalities/responsibilities and offering general support in the way that there is for other domains. Some of the most common questions... Continue Reading →

Building a Brilliant Tutor Team

As a Head of Year/Pastoral Leader your tutor team(s) are the backbone of the pastoral care system for your year group. You can't see every student, every day, but they sure do. Most schools will stress that a child's tutor is a parent's first port of call and the person their child should take any... Continue Reading →

13 tips for a new Head of Year

I was 20 when I took over my first year group as Head of Year 10. I spent six months before that as Assistant Head of Years 10/11, so in terms of pastoral experience most people would say I didn't have much! I was fortunate to work with some very strong, experienced Heads of Year... Continue Reading →

Inside the Lighthouse?

If ever this blog is read by anyone other than me, the question of "Why is it called 'Inside The Lighthouse'?" might arise. 'The Lighthouse' is my belief of what we should be as organisations and individuals, schools, staff, governors, parents, anybody with any stake in the lives of children in our care. I thought... Continue Reading →

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