SUCCESS – A fully editable Character Education programme

At a previous school I introduced a character education programme designed to give our students, from incredibly disadvantaged backgrounds, the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of development activities that focus on building kindness, respect, communication and confidence. It’s one of my favourite projects I’ve ever introduced and it’s impact on the students in the school was incredible.

Fast forward a couple of years and I found myself in a new school trying to solve a similar problem – from that came SUCCESS. I created SUCCESS with the express aim for it to be more generic than the previous programme and thus more adaptable to other contexts/schools. Unfortunately, COVID hit and I never got the chance to introduce it as I moved elsewhere.

Rather than leave it to gather dust I thought I would share it here – in it’s entirety and in a fully editable format. You will likely need to do some work to make it match your school values but much of it is generic for that purpose – I hope that if you do use it then it at least makes your life easier in that you don’t have to start from scratch!

Inside of the folder you will find a number of elements:

3 editable activity booklets – one for each stage of the programme at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. The booklets start with a bit of an introduction of the programme before moving on to defining the character goals and values inherent within. After that we reach a self-assessment page for their current alignment with the values before moving on to task pages linked to the values in which students should choose an activity to complete and then the onus is on them to provide evidence that they have done it. The bronze booklet is linked below for you to browse through.

3 certificates for each stage

1 set of editable evidence stickers – it’s handy to have a batch of these for teachers to use so that they don’t have to write in a plethora of booklets.

1 x editable activity poster – a poster linked to the bronze stage which students can be given to take away.

1 x editable launch presentation for assemblies

Also included is a copy of the logo, an editable spreadsheet for tracking completion by tutors and a basic letter for parents to launch the programme.

As the programme wasn’t created from scratch, rather adapted from the programme I built for a particular school, you may spot the odd mistake or reference that doesn’t fit with the generic approach. I’m fairly sure you won’t but if you do please let me know so that I can amend the originals.

On that note – I’d love to know if you do use it or if you adapt it and make it better so please do share how it goes.

Download it all here:

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