Inside the Lighthouse?


If ever this blog is read by anyone other than me, the question of “Why is it called ‘Inside The Lighthouse’?” might arise. ‘The Lighthouse’ is my belief of what we should be as organisations and individuals, schools, staff, governors, parents, anybody with any stake in the lives of children in our care. I thought I was clever when I ‘realised’ it but actually The Lighthouse model for parenting has been written about in a couple of places online, so I can’t claim credit. I’d recommend reading the book ‘Raising Kids to Thrive’ by American pediatrician, Dr Kenneth R. Ginsburg, if you are interested in the idea for parents.

I’ve never found anybody adopting it for education(do contact me if you have, I’d love to see a school living the idea) but I think it really accurately describes and conceptualises my belief system:

We are the Lighthouse, the kids are out at sea. Our goal is to make sure the young people in our care don’t crash against the rocks on their journey. We don’t go out and rescue them or take over the boat when things go wrong, they have to ride the waves and navigate through rough waters. When they look to the shore they should see us, a beacon of light, hope and support to guide them. The Lighthouse is about always being there, offering unconditional love but allowing our students to fail and learn from their mistakes, knowing that whatever happens that beacon on the shore will still be visible and strong for them to follow. For some their boat will capsize, they might be swimming to shore with sharks circling but they can still see us guiding them to safety. They may even be taken under the water and lose sight of our guidance for a while but with effort they can always swim back to the surface. Other students may be adept sailors, breezing through choppy seas at speed, our guidance should take them through difficult waters in the hope of building their knowledge, resilience and skills.

I’ve wanted to start some sort of  blog for a while and never really gotten around to it. I doubt I would ever have gotten around to it if I hadn’t also come around on the idea of setting up a proper, professional Twitter account over the summer. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much use I’ve actually gotten out of it(as an ‘all social media is the spawn of the devil’ kind of guy) and the opportunities and discussions that have arisen as a result. More than anything else I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to begin to develop a wider professional network and access resources, support, opinions and ideas that I wouldn’t have been able to previously. Thank you to the people who have been a part of that on Twitter already – here’s to lots more of the same!

I’m hoping having a blog will be another extension of that but will perhaps be more of a source of reflection for me as a teacher and governor than for anyone else. Future posts will likely be a mix of reflections on my own practise in the areas linked at the top of this blog and sharing of resources/materials.


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  1. I’m so happy to have found this blog!! I interviewed for a head of year position today and your advice and tips have really helped me deliver a strong interview process… I think. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for caring about sharing your good practice.


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